Malaysian Welcoming BBQ has return!

Malaysian Welcoming BBQ has return!


It has been quite long time since we held a Barbeque event to welcome
each and every Malaysians that just arrived in Melbourne. It must be nice to have much more Malaysians, right? It would be much nicer if we know each other so that’s our objective for the event.

We hope that each and every Malaysians could join us and get to know
each other. Its bonding time! Get up and lets meet up at Treasury Garden at 12 pm on 8th March 2014, which is on Saturday.

Don’t miss it! You will love the activities that going to be held on that day.
There will be Teh Tarik competition, Sepak Takraw Bulu Ayam and Chopstick game. Just come over all Malaysians, all the foods and drinks are free!

Twitter Hashtag: #MWBBQ2014

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