Malaysian Welcoming BBQ 2014 (Recap)

Malaysian Welcoming BBQ 2014 (Recap)

Malaysian Welcoming BBQ (MWBBQ) is an annual event being held by Kelab Umno Australia Melbourne (KUAM) and collaboration with Badan Hal Ehwal Islam dan Pembangunan Insan (EHSAN). The event was usually held at the beginning of semester of each year to welcome each and every Malaysian to Melbourne especially students. This event was held so that new students in Melbourne could get to know others that know better about Melbourne. They could get new great friends that would help them while in Melbourne.

The event was held from 12pm till 4pm on 8th of March 2014 at Treasury Garden. The event was success and about 400 Malaysians have came to the MWBBQ for this year. It was a very exciting event as there were lots of activities being held such as The Tarik King which this activity is a must have activity during MWBBQ each year.

Other than Teh Tarik King as one of the activities that being held on that day, Sepak Raga Bulu Ayam and Chopstick challenge were held as well. Everyone seems enjoying the BBQ event as everyone got their delicious food for free and enjoy the game being held.

Last but not least thank you to each and everyone that came to MWBBQ for year 2014 and special thanks to Anis Nabilla, our project manager for Malaysian Welcoming BBQ for this year for making it a successful event. Here are some pictures during the event.

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