Ramadhan Mubarak

Ramadhan Mubarak


The holy month in Islam’s context, blessed with Muslims’s repentance, sincerity and holiness, Ramadhan, is here once again in year 1434 H/2013. It is the month where Muslims worldwide would take the opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah, perform extra devotion, recite the Holy Quran, perform Qiyam seeking the Lailatul Qadr and give to the ones in need.

“When Ramadan comes, the gates of Heaven are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained.” And in a narration from Nasa’i, the following words are added: “and a caller calls out every night: ‘Oh seeker of Good, draw near! Oh seeker of Evil, desist!’ “.

At this time, Muslims are believed to be in a seclusion state, out of evil’s influential intention, so that obligations as a Muslim are met easily and Sunnahs can be done deliberately.

Furthermore, it is the month where Taraweeh is allowed to be performed and Muslims will seek to add on their merit or reward for their life hereafter’s nourishment. This holy prayer has a lot of benefits for the performer in many aspects, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Here we will list several benefits of Taraweeh (in narrated context like Hadiths, or plain descriptive facts), each to be understood and appreciated.

1) Imam Bukhari and Muslim reported that the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said: “Whoever offers optional prayers (like Taraweeh prayers) throughout the nights of Ramadhan, believing in Allah and seeking His rewards, will have his previous sins forgiven.”

2) You will be resurrected covered with so much Nur (light) out of grief and sadness.

3) Allah will lift your punishments from your grave.

4) Salmaan radhiallahu anhu reports: “…and whoever performs a fardh, for him shall be the reward of seventy faraa’idh in any other time. This is indeed the month of patience, and the reward for true patience is Jannah (paradise). It is the month of sympathy with one’s fellow men. It is the month wherein a true believer’s rizq is increased. Whosoever feeds another who fasted, in order to break the fast (at sunset), for him there shall be forgiveness for his sins and emancipation from the fire of Jahannam (hell), and for him shall be the same reward as him (whom he fed) without that person’s reward being decreased in the least….”.

5) Sayyidina Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudree radhiallahu anhu narrates that Sayyidina Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said: “When the first night of Ramadhaan dawns (comes), the doors of the skies are opened, and none of its doors are then closed until the last night of Ramadhan.”

With this, we wish everyone a Happy Ramadhan month ahead, Ramadhan Kareem!

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