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Kuliah Mega Melbourne 2016 was held on 28 May from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM at Australian Muslim Social Services Agency (AMSSA) in North Melbourne. The guest speakers were Encik Izzat Roslan, Timbalan Pengerusi ISMA Australia and Encik Shahrul Aman, Naib Presiden IKRAM with an outstanding moderator, Ms Madihah. The topic discussed was “Unity among Muslims: Is it achievable?”, chosen by Project Director, Ms Asilah Arifen. The discussion touches on the issues of modern Muslims in having different views towards religion practices while urging modern Muslims to stand together despite our differences. The event started with Solat Hajat, followed by the discussion, and ended with a dinner gathering. 13307497_1116712085052862_3316455212859563511_n

Photo: Mr. Shahrul Aman (left, Mr. Izzat Roslan (right)

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