About us

Kelab UMNO Australia Melbourne (KUAM), also known as Australia Melbourne UMNO Club, was first established in 1988.  KUAM is a non-profit organization that caters for the social and welfare aspects of Malaysian communities and students living and studying in Victoria, Australia.

The organization is run by devoted committee members elected through the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on an annual basis. The election uses a simple majority voting system whereby all the registered members for the club are eligible to vote.

Despite people’s perception of the club as being a political organization, KUAM aims to foster closer ties between the Malaysian community in Victoria regardless of race, religion and background. This is done by engaging everyone in the club’s activities and programs encompassing the entire national, social, cultural, educational and sporting aspects of Malaysian life. Among the most notable events held annually are the Malaysian Welcoming BBQ Melbourne, UMNO Cup Melbourne, Malam Gemilang Melbourne (The Inaugural Charity Dinner), Seminar Pembangunan Insan (SPI Melbourne) & Malaysian Speakers Corner Melbourne and many others.

Since 2008, KUAM has been using the catchphrase ‘KUAMuniti’, which carries the symbolical meaning of community, derived from the words KUAM and unity. The phrase indicates the club’s wider vision and mission to approach and appeal to larger audience as well as becoming a platform for all Malaysians alike to unite through participation in our programs and activities. By doing so, KUAM aims to develop a stronger and united Malaysian community, not just among Malays but amongst Malaysians of all races living, studying and working in Victoria.

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