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Mega Raya Melbourne 2016

It was a blast on that Sunday, 31st of July! We had over 900 attendees consisting of different races – Malaysians and Australians both! The event started at 12.00 PM and ended about 4.00 PM. Rewang Day was held a day before, with total volunteers of 29 lovely souls in […]


Kuliah Mega Melbourne 2016

Kuliah Mega Melbourne 2016 was held on 28 May from 6.30 PM to 9.30 PM at Australian Muslim Social Services Agency (AMSSA) in North Melbourne. The guest speakers were Encik Izzat Roslan, Timbalan Pengerusi ISMA Australia and Encik Shahrul Aman, Naib Presiden IKRAM with an outstanding moderator, Ms Madihah. The topic […]


Malaysian Welcoming BBQ 2016

This year’s Malaysian Welcoming BBQ was held in Lawn 1, Flagstaff Garden, hogging over 500 audiences from all race backgrounds, coming together to unite as Malaysians in Melbourne. The event took place on March 12, 10.30 AM until 4.00 PM. Sponsors include Rantau OZ, Abstrax Jingga (for the T-shirts) and […]



Assalamualaikum and greetings everyone, We cordially invite everyone to join us for our Annual General Meeting 2015. Details of the event is as below, Date: 17 October 2015 Time: 11am – 1.30pm Venue: TBA If you are interested to join KUAM for the next term, 15/16 please fill in the […]


Muzika 2015

Hello Everyone, We are proud to announce that Muzika Melbourne 2015 is going to be held next week on 27th of September. Maya Karin and Ronnie (the former member of Hyperact) are going to join us and they gonna judge the talented contestants here. So don’t miss out the opportunity […]

Mega Raya

Mega Raya Melbourne 2015

  Assalamualaikum wbt and greetings everyone, We cordially invite everyone to Mega Raya 2015 that’s going to be held next week on Sunday at Malaysian Hall, between 11.00 am to 4.30 pm. Bring your family and friends. You are going to enjoy good food and surrounded by great company. So don’t […]


Update: SPI

Hi guys, we are proud to announce that Dato’ Ameer Ali Mydin is coming to Melbourne for SPI! A man responsible for transforming a small East Coast business into a national retail and wholesale giant with a turnover exceeding RM1.4 billion per annum is our latest guest speaker who will be attending the event […]


Futsal Cup 2015 (Recap)

First Place: Salt FC Second Place: TUAH FC 3rd Place: Poseidon 4th Place: ACT Thanks to everyone who came and joined the very first Futsal Cup. We hope to see you guys in the next Futsal Cup or maybe UMNO Cup? More picture can be viewed here on the official Facebook […]

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Kuliah Mega Melbourne ’15

Assalamualaikum wbt, Kini Kuliah Mega Melbourne bagi sesi 2015 menjemput Dr Yusri dan saudari Aisyah Shakirah bagi membentangkan isu “Islamofobia Di Luar Negara: Peranan Kita”. Marilah bersama-sama kami menyertai kuliah ini dan menjadikan kuliah ini sebagai makanan jiwa kita yang dahagakan ilmu. Semoga kuliah ini memberi manfaat kepada semua. Jangan lupa […]

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Human Capital Development Seminar (SPI) is back!

One of KUAM highlighted events, Seminar Pembangunan Insan (SPI) is coming end of this fall season. We are proud to announce that Michael Teoh and Mallory Loone would be our honourable speakers to talk about Malaysian youth. Stay tuned with us for more info. Facebook Page: Seminar Pembangunan Insan Melbourne

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What is KUAMuniti?

KUAMuniti – Starting from 2008, KUAM has been using the catchphrase 'KUAMuniti' which carries the symbolical meaning of community, indicating KUAM wider vision and mission to approach and appeal to a larger audience, regardless of race and age. KUAM aims to provide a platform for all Malaysians alike to unite under the same banner through participation in our activities which opens to everyone irrespective of backgrounds.

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